Penny & Spyke Piddock – Go out of their Comfort Zone

Penny & Spyke Piddock visited the club to give a talk on their adventures in Serbia. As the title would suggest, not the sort of trip they would normally embark on, and only Penny’s curiosity when an email that should have gone to ‘spam’ arrived in her inbox did the events lead to this unusual trip.

They were invited to photograph for a project called The Good and Bad Lands, a normal holiday for Penny and Spike would be by the sea, going to a land-locked country was furthest from their thoughts. The trip was going to be rustic, cheap and an education, so they took the plunge and agreed.

There were 30 photographers invited from around the world, plus many from the local camera clubs who joined them on and off. Camera Clubs and photography are a serious thing in Serbia, so in conjunction this event was part of pushing for more tourism.

The accommodation offered were bunks in dormitory’s, or a house by the lake. Needless to say the house by the lake was chosen, a very basic affair, but comfortable.

It was a packed itinerary, the photographs showed varied scenery, some more industrial settings and historical buildings. Apart from a trip to Red Lake which was beautiful (but with a dangerous acidity) they’re probably not your usual tourist type hot-spots but interesting all the same. Getting back to nature there were some mini-beasts to photograph, butterflies, bugs and frogs.

The evenings were spent consuming copious amounts of the local food and drink, and entertainment was provided, there seemed some great characters amongst the group and Penny and Spike have surprised themselves by considering a return trip at some point.

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