Points Cup No 4 – Judge – Brian Tarling

A regular at the club we welcomed Brian Tarling to judge the Points Cup No 4, with his usual energy and enthusiasm he gave a full and insightful commentary on the 18 prints and 22 pdi’s forward for judging.

There were 11 colour and 7 mono prints for judging, 5 were held back and after some extra consideration all were awarded 10 points. In the pdi’s 5 were held again.

Print Scores :
10 points
Marilyn Peddle – Evening Light on Hambledon Hill
Graham Hutton – The Morning Local
Colin Sansom – Walking By
David Chaloner – Nuthatch Pose
Rachel Cooper – In the Groove

9 points – Stephanie Selwyn x2, David Chaloner, Graham Hutton

Pdi Scores :
10 points
Colin Cross – There’s Always a Naughty One!
Colin Cross – Dive, Dive, Dive
Glynis Larter-Whitcher – Owl Landing

9.5 points
Merlin – Roly Barth
Jean Bartlett – My Best Side
Glynis Larter-Whitcher – Autumn Leaves

9 points – Debbie Davies, Glynis Larter-Whitcher, Colin Sansom, Jean Bartlett x 2

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