Points Cup No 3

Points Cup No 3

Judge : Peter Woodhouse



Phil Clegg – Looking Back – PRINT OF THE NIGHT


Phil Clegg – Window Shopping


Rob Young – Eye to Eye

Highly Commended

Jean Bartlett – Maratil Eagle Feeding on Guinea Fowl

Mil Chimley – Storm Ciaran Approaching

Rachel Cooper – Little Red Riding Hood

David Gorman – Light at the End

Phil Clegg – Leanne


Mil Chimley – Lest We Forget

Ian Ferris – Old Grumpy

Ian Ferris – Swan on Stour

Graham Hutton – Pure 1960’s

Graham Hutton – Slate on Snowdonia

Melissa Young – The Three Sisters

Melissa Young – How Cute

Rob Young – Lift Off



Jean Bartlett – The Scavenger – PDI OF THE NIGHT


Colin Cross – Barn Owl Hunting


Andy Sibley – Through the Arches

Highly Commended

Eric Langley – In for the Kill

Dave Gorman – Nowhere to go

Roly Barth – The Dust Bath

Roly Barth –  Out of the Shadows

Cris Ablett – In retirement

Stephanie Selwyn –  Hoverflies Favourite

Pat Catley –  Foxglove

Cris Ablett – Crossed steps

Jean Bartlett –  Leopard portrait

Colin Cross –  High Flying Mustang


Eric Langley – Iris

Mil Chimley – I’m Bored

Tony Hetherington – Quintessence

Graham Hutton – Last Train Gone

Roly Barth – Autumn

Colin Cross – Calm before the Storm

Pat Catley – Tumbling Stream

Greg Whale – StopGo

Dan Holbeche – Soft Touch

Stephanie Selwyn – It’s Been A Hard Life

Melissa Young –  Thank You for the Pollen

Cornelius Cornes – Lost

Rob Young – Distinguished Gentleman

Cornelius Cornes – STOP


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