Privacy Policy

Blandford Forum Camera Club  Privacy Policy

Blandford Forum Camera club collects contact information from members, exhibition entrants and people associated with the club and its running. This data will be kept secure as specified in General Data Protection Regulations 2018. The data held will not be shared with any third parties, for any reason, other than legal obligation. The only people with access to the data held will be members of the committee. The data will only be used to contact you for and on behalf of the Blandford Forum Camera Club. The club will keep this data for a maximum time according to the nature of which it was gathered and permission granted;-

Club members will be ongoing whilst membership and permission is maintained.

Open exhibition entrants data will be kept for a maximum of four years from last entry as entrants invites are established over the previous three years records.

After this period any data held will be securely deleted (GDPR2018). Any person to whom we are holding data has the right to view the data at any time by request and also has the right to withdraw permission for Blandford Forum Camera Club to hold your data. Upon request all your data will be securely deleted from the records (GDPR2018).

When entering our competitions;- internal, inter club and exhibition Blandford Forum Camera Club reserve the right to publish your name and title of your picture/image.

Blandford Forum Camera Club cannot guarantee or accept responsibility for data that is “in transit” over the internet. However once received any data will be held securely, where permission has been granted, and used solely within the scope of that permission in accordance to GDPR 2018 directive.

Blandford Forum Camera Club welcomes junior members and requires the member’s details, for contact purposes, that can only be taken with express permission from parent or person with legal parental responsibilities for the individual. Contact with the junior member will be in a manner restricted to the wishes, as stated, by parent or guardian who originally granted relevant permissions. Permission for Blandford Forum Camera Club to hold your information may be rescinded at any time and all data held will be securely deleted from the records.

All enquiries please contact BFCC Data Protection Officer at

If at any time an individual feels that Blandford Forum Camera Club fails to take adequate precautions in the way the data held is used or securely stored that individual has the right to complain to the Information Commissioners Office at

Updated 13th April 2018