Points Cup No 1

Judge : Mike Weeks



Melissa Young – Lyme Regis Harbour – PRINT OF THE NIGHT

Jean Bartlett – Dusk at Kimmeridge

Graham Hutton – Lincoln at Night

Phil Clegg – Dampening Down



Debbie Davies – The Who

Ian Ferris – Out of the Blue

Graham Hutton – Tunnel Burst

Phil Clegg – Weather Forecast

Debbie Davies – St Paul’s

Rob Young – Kimmeridge Bay



Mil Chimley – The Pigeon Lady

Rachel Cooper – Intent

David Gorman – Beauty and the Beast

Colin Sansom – Hummingbird Hawk Moth

Phil Clegg – Hill Farm

Ian Ferris – Old Bikers Never Die

Colin Sansom – Battery Point Cannon, Lundy


Highly Commended

David Gorman – Dawn at St Mary’s Lighthouse

Richard Humphries – Mullion Sunset

Rachel Cooper – Old Light, Lundy

Rachel Cooper – And Walk

Melissa Young – Giant Daisy’s



Rob Young – Two’s Company




Graham Hutton – Woolacombe Aftersun – PDI OF THE NIGHT

Colin Cross – Eagle Owl

Colin Cross – Europa

Glynis Larter-Whitcher – Wasp at Work

Glynis Larter-Whitcher – Petronas Towers

Cris Ablett – Saxon War Cry



Roly Barth – Isolation

Stephanie Selwyn – Beach Buggy Headlamp Reflection

Cris Ablett – Elizabeth Walk

Roly Barth – Labyrinth

Pat Catley – Wet and Bedraggled

David Gorman – Getting the Eye in Borough Market

Tony Hetherington – Becoming

Glynis Larter-Whitcher – The Lighthouses

Stephanie Selwyn – Harvard Taking Off

Andy Sibley – Sunday Stroll



Jean Bartlett – Say it with Flowers

Pat Catley – Sunrise at the Bridge

Colin Cross – Snowy Owl

Ian Ferris – I’m Late, I’m Late

Stephanie Selwyn – My Ball

Greg Whale – Reflection

Greg Whale – Kids

Melissa Young – Lime Butterfly

Greg Whale – Trim

Rob Young – Getting Chased Down


Highly Commended

Cris Ablett – Sleeping Siberian Tigers

Roly Barth – Greater Spotted Woodpecker

Pat Catley – Raindrop Reflections

Cornelius Cornes – Fisherman’s Heaven

Cornelius Cornes – Arabic Scribe

Richard Humphries – Portland Illuminations

Eric Langley – Daisy on the Rocks

Jean Bartlett – Bad Mane Day

Colin Sansom – In Your Face



Richard Humphries – That’s Close Enough

Eric Langley – Pink Flamingo

Eric Langley – The Falls of Dacca

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