Set Subjects

Set Subject Competitons

Judge : Ashley Francis CPAGB



Debbie Davies – The Pasta Maker – PRINT OF THE NIGHT


Colin Cross – Maritime Graveyard

Colin Cross – Just Caught Supper

Graham Hutton – Railwaymen at Work


David Gorman – Autumn Woods

Stephanie Selwyn – Dogs on the Beach

Highly Commended

Pat Catley – Forest Fungi

Mil Chimley – Homeless

Rachel Cooper – Bark

Rachel Cooper – Spring Droplets

Colin Sanson – Sleuth Undr Cover

Melissa Young – Calm Cow, Crazy Cow


Debbie Davies – She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not

Melissa Young – Standing Guard

Rob Young – I’m Off


PDI’S – A Blandford Picture


Tony Hetherington – East Street Gothic – PDI OF THE NIGHT

Pat Catley – Sunrise at Preetz Bridge

Rob Young – Blandford Win the Lineout


Mil Chimley – Angels Over the Stour at Blandford

Phil Clegg – Skyline


Dan Holbeche – A Little Lost on the Trialway

Andy Sibley – Floods by Starlight

Colin Cross – Yuletide Celebration

Rachel Cooper – Young, Old, Modern

Highly Commended

Andy Sibley – Blandford Eye

Colin Cross – Ferrari on the By-Pass

Roly Barth – Fishing at Blandford

Stephanie Selwyn – The Weir

Ian Ferris – Stour in  Spring

Melissa Young – Two of Blandford’s Bridges


Phil Clegg – Portico

Stephanie Selwyn – Past It’s Best

Rob Young – Blandford Park Run

Ian Ferris – Blandford Skyline at Sunset

Melissa Young – Relaxing by the River

Colin Sansom – The Old Brewery in the Afternoon Glow

Dan Holbeche – Autumn on the Milldown

Roly Barth – Miles from Blandford

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