Tigers of Bandhavgarh – Kevin Maitland

Kevin and his partner Jean, came to the club to give an insight to the trips they have taken to see the royal Bengal tigers. Kevin took up photography seriously about 6 years ago, and through his trips photographing wildlife he met Jean and they have been photographing together ever since.

In these special nature reserves in India, they have seen and followed some tiger families over several visits. Keen to observe the wildlife going about their everyday lives, Kevin and Jean showed some fantastic photographs of cats being cats, albeit on a larger scale than we get at home. As well as the tigers, there is plenty of other wildlife – familiar birds(peacocks, owls, lapwings, herons) and ‘exotic’ (eagles, vulchers, rollers), plus countless species of mammal – monkeys, deer, bison and many others.

The call of ‘Tiger Tiger’ is the moment you wait for, and sometimes they are so well camouflaged you really have to watch for a flick of a tail or ear, and at other times they walk right down the track at you and your 400mm lens is just too big!

The nature reserves are very strict on the amount of access to certain areas. The photographers and tourism are helping the economy and and the benefits are showing, with tigers being better regarded by the locals and populations increasing.

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