India – Norman Wiles LRPS/DPAGB

Norman and Carol Wiles, gave an interesting evening telling, and showing us about their bespoke trip to Rajasthan.

Keen to capture the essence of India, and not just the tourist trail, they were fortunate with their guides who certainly got in the spirit of the adventure.

From the expected to the unexpected, Temples, colourful festivals and the Taj Mahal through to some backstreet action, silk weaving, funeral pyres and holy men.

The buildings with their elaborate and also intricate craftsmanship seem in such contrast to the battered vehicles and chaotic street life. The marble, inside and out of some of the buildings was astounding in its quantity and opulence, when much of the surrounding is extremely poor.

The colourful clothes and traditional costumes always make for powerful images and alongside these I spotted some of the images that had been entered in our exhibition, sleepy street dogs, and elegant ladies against the backdrop of the lovely buildings, in such a warm and flattering light.

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