Points Cup No 1 – Judge : Sid Jones

The annual Points Cup Competition kicked off with a good amount of images in each section. 24 prints, with 8 monochrome and 16 colour photographs to start the evening and after the break in the pdi section there were 23 images for judging.

Sid Jones had joined us from Dorchester to judge, he started by commenting that for a small club we had a good standard of work. The evening progressed with Sid’s anecdotes peppered through his thorough critique of each image. There was a wide range of subject matter, and some useful comments about why images were particularly successful or what may have improved them.

Top Scores :
10 marks – Happiness is… – Marilyn Peddle, Cosmos – Sally Chaloner, Iris – Sally Chaloner, Steaming Under the Bridges – Graham Hutton, From the Moving Dunes – Graham Hutton
9.5 marks – Dancing Egret – Ian Ferris, Manor Drive – Marilyn Peddle, Caught in the Act -Sue Dall
9 marks – Colin Sansom, Ian Ferris, Dave Chaloner, Rachel Cooper x 2, Stephanie Selwyn x 2, Graham Hutton, Sue Dall

10 marks – Malachite Kingfisher – Jean Bartlett, Arctic Tern – Colin Cross, View from the Beach – Pat Catley, Lisianthus – Pat Catley, Silverback Close-Up – Glynis Larter-Whitcher
9.5 marks – Hello Kitty – Glynis Larter-Whitcher, Sunset in Guillin – Glynis Larter-Whitcher
9 marks -Storm Rider – Colin Cross, Drinking Partners – Bob Harrison, Hummingbird Hawk Moth – Marilyn Peddle, Peacock Tail River – Paula Harmon, Best Foot Forward – Jean Bartlett, Brothers – Jean Bartlett, The Boatman’s Daughter – Colin Cross

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