The Chairman’s Evening

What a successful first night of the season. It was great to have some new faces present, and welcome back the familiar. Technology was kind to us, and worked without issue, the new camera/video and sound set up allowed us to zoom into the speaker, his prints and also pan the room, for the benefit of those wanting to view from home over Zoom.

Our guest speaker was Malcolm McNaughton, with his Monochrome print presentation “Land of Mountain and Flood”

Not only did we enjoy seeing his prints, he had his camera equipment to show us… not a Mirrorless or even a DSLR, his chosen equipment being a 5×4 field camera. His prints developed in a dark room. Fantastic.

It was a great start to the season, and Malcolm’s enthusiasm has surely motivated us.

Using Malcolm’s words, to take the time to ‘make’ the photograph in camera is something to aspire to. His thoughtful approach was justified by stunning images and his ability to give real depth, mood and feeling to the scenes he photographs.

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