Points Cup No 3 – Judge : Eric Kennedy

The third round of points cup was judged by Eric Kennedy with top scorers below:


10 Marks :

Frosted Teasel – Pat Catley

Infant Bwindi Mountain Gorilla – Jean Bartlett

Nice Mice Trice – Roly Barth

Christmastime in the Cathedral – Roly Barth

Gotcha – Colin Cross

9.5 Marks :

5th of November – Debbie Davies

Victorian Crowned Pigeon – Jean Bartlett

Colour Prints

10 Marks :

New Year Dawn – Marilyn Peddle

Kestrel – Marilyn Peddle

Let the Adventure Begin – Rob Young

9.5 Marks :

The Imber Routemasters – Graham Hutton

257 Squadron – Graham Hutton

Mono Prints

10 Marks :

High Speed Performance – Rob Young

9.5 Marks :

Let’s Talk Bike

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