Points Cup No 3 – Judge – Ashley Francis

For the Points Cup No 3, Ashley Francis joined us from Fordingbridge to do the judging.

There were 22 prints, 14 in colour and 8 in mono, and 23 pdi’s for Ashley to consider and judge, he was pleased to have titles to give context, and commented about the importance of colour tones being true and how in some images the colour palette was especially pleasing.

In the print section 9 were held back during the initial critique, and in pdi’s 7.

Print Scores :
10 points –
Marilyn Pedddle – Devil’s Horseman
Graham Hutton – The Rain is Coming
Sue Dall – Rescue Deauville

9.5 points –
Colin Sansom – Three in Shadow
Sally Chaloner – Cone Flower

9 points – Colin Sansom, Graham Hutton, Debbie Davies, Dave Chaloner

Pdi Scores :
10 points –
Colin Cross – Arctic Tern
Glynis Larter-Whitcher – Bude Breakwater

9.5 points
Glynis Larter-Whitcher – Pelican Posing
Marilyn Peddle – Clouded Yellow on Scabious

9 points – Denise Halford, Jean Bartlett, Pat Catley

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