Colin Cross – Workflow and Other Boring Stuff

An evening with Colin Cross is rarely boring, so with his usual enthusiasm, anecdotes and proven track record, we were happy for Colin to give us his method to transform an image from camera, to print, to archive, in a methodical and time saving manner.

Shooting in raw, and then using Lightroom, Colin loves the time saving element of the ‘batch process’, before doing a final tweak in Photoshop if necessary. Having said that, these are minor edits, enhancing already strong images. Colin is ruthless on his initial ‘cull’ of images, keeping only the best version of similar shots and deleting anything that isn’t technically good enough.

With regard to organising images, Colin pointed out filing is so easy to do badly, do it properly and you can find images weeks, months or even years later by putting it in the right place to start with, even if this is the recycle bin for sub-standard, duplicated or technically poor images.

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