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Fun “Knockout” Competition Led by Mil Chimley LRPS And Rachel Cooper

March 19 @ 7:30 pm - 10:00 pm

Fun “Knockout” Competition Led by Mil Chimley LRPS And Rachel Cooper.
You Are Invited to enter up to 4 PDI Images in a Fun “Knockout”competition where you,
the audience,et to vote on which image goes forward to the next round,and which doesn’t.
Any images you enter must not have been seen before at any club meeting (So No Tactical voting)
but can be used in ay competition after this .
There will be a small Photography orientated prize for the winner.
Published on behalf of MIL CHIMLEY LRPS. Hi everybody

I know we’ve mentioned the PDI Knockout Competition before, but we’ve reviewed how we’ll run it and have made a couple of changes.

It’s intended to be a fun evening to see which image the majority like best, which from my experience can be very different from what a competition judge might pick. Please come along and join in.

• You are invited to enter up to 10 PDI images.
If you could enter the maximum it would make the evening much more fun, so please think about it.

• You MAY use images that have been seen at the club before, in any format.

• Images must be sized according to the usual competition rules i.e. max 3800 pixels wide, 2100 pixels high.

• Filenames should contain your name and the image title
e.g. Mil Chimley_This Is My Cat. Your name will not be displayed with your image.

• Email entries to mil.chimley@gmail.com by 12th March 2024
Please start sending your entries asap even if you don’t send them all at once.

After the competition I will delete all images from my inbox and any hard drives I move them to for the purpose of organising the competition.

• Images will be shown to the audience in 2s and you will be asked to vote for one of them.
The image with the most votes will go through to the next round.
Therefore, each round will have half the images of the previous round. It may be necessary to give some images a bye into the second round, but none of your images will be compete with each other in the first round.

• There will be a small, photography orientated, prize for the winner.

• Please try to come along on the 19th March to vote for your favourite image.
Hello Everyone

The new knockout competition is fast approaching and I attach the information.

To make it a success we do need a nice lot of images… you will be anonymous unless you are the winner, so this is a great time to see how your images look on the ‘big screen’.

You can bring images to the clubhouse on a memory stick if you would prefer and the sooner the better!

Any questions just let me know!


Rachel Cooper
Blandford Forum Camera Club

Best wishes
Mil Chimley


March 19
7:30 pm - 10:00 pm